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Words of Life (January-April 2018)

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Words of Life

January - April 2018 edition

Take time with the Father daily as you meditate upon his word.

Ask Jesus to interpret his Word and speak to your heart.

Open yourself to the Spirit as he brings inspiration.

God blesses us all abundantly as he daily brings great joy to our hearts! This year Words of Life will focus on the theme of joy, beginning with 'Joy in Tough Times'.

Old Testament readings take us through opening chapters of Genesis and Deuteronomy, as well as Exodus. In the New Testament we explore ten different 'rules' linked to the Israelites' Red Sea experience - and apply them to our everyday lives.

Most weekends we look into the Psalms or Proverbs, as well as a hymn or worship song. Major Dieudonne Louzolo of the Rwanda and Burundi Command writes our Easter series.

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