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Walking with Communities

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Walking with Communities

Ian Campbell

Alison Rader Campbell

Robin Rader

This is a global and local journey of integrated mission in stories and images. Encounters during a walk of the South West Coast Path are linked to community conversations in every region of the world, and lead to reflection on themes that emerge. The 630-mile walk took 28 days in June 2018; the community conversations occurred during 30 years of global health-related community development; the themes, revolving around the resilience and capacity of people and communities to deal with crisis and conflict when appropriately accompanied in their own homes and neighbourhoods, have never been more relevant.

Each of the 24 chapters represents one days' walk, and each is a synthesis of learning around one theme, to which the global and South West Coast Path stories point. Each chapter concludes with questions that take the reader forward to living out what has been learnt.

Persons of any culture who are longing for the healing presence of God's grace where they live will find the stories and images inspiring, and the questions a springboard to local application. Community development professionals, pragramme officers and persons of faith will find in the themes the fruit of years of experiential learning, which will both encourage and challenge, as it shares signposts to authentic, relational integrated mission.

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