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Soldiers of the Cross - Norman H. Murdoch

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Author: Norman H. Murdoch


"Soldiers of the Cross" captures the story of how Salvation Army social services caught the public eye through the work of two leaders in the early 20th century. Their contributions to the Army's mission and methods continue to this day. Historian Norman H. Murdoch profiles Susie Swift, sister-in-law to Samuel Logan Brengle. Swift served as a Salvation Army officer, educator and writer until becoming a Dominican sister in the Catholic Church. Murdoch uncovers her life and ministry, including her work on the Army's classic book on social reform, "In Darkest England and the Way Out." Murdoch's profile of Commissioner David C. Lamb chronicles his influence on restructuring the Army's social program and his involvement in changing the Army's internal governance system - two contributions largely overlooked by historians.

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