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Sanctified Sanity

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Sanctified Sanity

R. David Rightmire

Samuel Logan Brengle (1860-1936) was The Salvation Army's most influential preacher and writer on personal holiness, or the "second blessing."

He was born in Indiana. He accepted Christ as a youth, graduated from Indiana Asbury (DePauw) University, served as a Methodist circuit rider, and then attended Boston Theological Seminary. While a student there, he studied the Wesleyan concept of holiness and later claimed this experience for himself. Disenchanted with academic life, after hearing William Booth speak he felt drawn to the simple style of The Salvation Army. He decided to volunteer his services, but General Booth was unimpressed, labeling his independence "dangerous: and a threat to Army discipline. Nevertheless, he put him to work shining the boots of his fellow cadets. Although Samuel Brengle initially suffered a bruised ego, he never again balked at doing a menial job.

He authored many pragmatic books on holiness, and eventually received an appointment as International Spiritual Special Ambassador. His ability to explain complex theaological issues in laymans terms endeared him to ordinary people. It is estimated that about 100,000 people "came forward" as a result of his authentic witness for the Gospel. He was the first American officer to receive the rank of commissioner in The Salvation Army.

R. David Rightmire skillfully weaves Samuel Brengle's theology into his life story, his spiritual journey, and his international ministry. Dr. Rightmire presents the commissioner's views on embracing and sustaining holiness and the fruit that it produces. Also included are common misbeliefs about the sanctification and hindrances to holiness.

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