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One Army - Book and DvD

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One Army Complete Series

An international teaching resource

This book is for;

Salvationist - An ideal way to examine what The Salvation Army believes, should and can become with God's help.

Non-Salvationist - A great opportunity to introduce others to the Army using clear, concise and inspiring teaching.

Mixed Groups  - Salvationist and non-Salvationist can learn from each other's perspectives. Great for fellowship.

Youth Groups - Young people can explore their faith together, using youth and adult pages as best suits them.

House and Cell Groups - Information, challenge, discussion points and prayer can be embraced in an informal environment.

Recruits Classes - Ideal for helping those wanting to be soldiers to understand the true implications of following Jesus.

Sunday Meetings - Any of the 65 film sections can provide thought-provoking focus to enhance meeting themes.

Special Days - Select the ideal film section for Bible Sunday, Holy Week and other special occasions.

Prayer Meetings - Use the 'In Culture' pages to learn about others' concerns and challenges. Bring them before God.

Cafe Church - At tables with refreshments, viewing films, discussing and praying together - a great setting.

Corps, Divisional and Territorial Retreats - Give quality time for in-depth study of the things that matter most.

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