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John Larsson Plays Vol 3

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Artist: John Larsson

Track Listing:

  1. When the Army Comes to Town
  2. There is a Message
  3. The Long Trombone
  4. If You Want It
  5. When You've got Salvation
  6. We're All Seeking the Same Saviour
  7. When the Glory gets into Your Soul
  8. Though I Feel My Weakness
  9. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
  10. The Name of Jesus
  11. You Dont have to be Clever
  12. As High as the Sky
  13. It's the Work of a Moment
  14. There is a Time for Tears
  15. Theme: Are You Washed?
  16. I Just Know
  17. Fancy That!
  18. Moment by Moment
  19. Bill Booth's Army
  20. Strike a Light!
  21. If the Son Has Made us Free
  22. There's Only One Flag for Me
  23. I'll Make My Promises
  24. They Shall Come From The East
  25. Booth Led Boldly
  26. Who are these People?
  27. The Hoodlum, Hooker and Hobo
  28. You've Got to Demonstrate
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