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In the Master's hands

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In the Master's hands - Written by Rober Street

Produced for Salvationist and non-Salvationis alike, this book and DVD convey what he army sees as essecntial or no so essential in its Christian faith and practice, explaining why. They show how th army places the highest value on each persons relationship with Jesus Christ, and focus on the =Army's aim of putting itself and its peopl in God's hands for blessing and service. One Army - in the Master's Hands.


In the Master's hands looks at what being a Salvationist means, but also reflects on the place and use of specific ceremonies, observances or sacraments in the church as a whole - some of which have caused both unity and division through the centuries.

Extracts from the book script are provided at the end of chapter for group or individual reflection. Suggestions for personal response are also offered and related Scripture readings are given under each heading.

Whatever form Christian faith and practice take, and in whhichever church, Christians are mant to be a reflection of Christ himself, through dedicated lives surrendered to his will. Each life sacramental - an ouward and visible expression of an inward and invisible grace.


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