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Hymn Tune Accompaniments For the New Songbook

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The Songbook of The Salvation Army

Hymn Tune Accompaniments for the new songbook

Contents include:

12 CD's

Comprehensive index for CD's;

  • Alphabetical
  • Metrical
  • Topical

In addition to its obvious use as accompaniment to congregational singing, this CD accompaniment series can have other applications:

  • Select tunes can be used as preliminary music to be played prior to service to help establish a mood for worship.
  • This series can be used to expand the tune repertoire of meeting leaders so that they can familiarize themselves with lesser known melodies.
  • These recordings can serve as performance models for instrumental groups by providing examples of hymn tunes played with proper style, balance, phrasing and intonation.

Recorded by

The Chicago Staff Band

The Norridge Citadel Band


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