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Heritage Series Vol 4 - The International Staff Band

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Artist: The International Staff band

Track Listing:


  1. California
  2. Redeeming Love
  3. Wonders Begin When The Lord Comes In
  4. In Wonder Beholding
  5. The Present Age
  6. The Invincible Army
  7. The Beautiful City
  8. My Comfort And Strength
  9. Never Give Up!
  10. How Sweet The Name (French)
  11. The Holy War

CD 2

  1. Celebration
  2. Canadian Folk Song Suite - Marianne's en va-t-au moulin (Quebec)
  3. Canadian Folk Song Suite - She's Like The Swallow (Newfoundland)
  4. Canadian Folk Song Suite - J'entends le moulin (Quebec)
  5. Song Of Courage
  6. My Masters Will
  7. Songs In Exile
  8. My Strength, My Tower
  9. None Other Name
  10. The Call Of The Righteous
  11. Lieut-Colonel (Dr.) Ray Steadman-Allen OF & Dr. Stephen Cobb in Conversation
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