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Cuppa tea, Digger?

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Cuppa tea, Digger? is a fascinating account of the exploits of Salvation Army men and women who, as Red Shield War Services Representatives, exemplified the concept of 'Heart to God and hand to man' while serving Australian troops during World War II.

The Salvos' Red Shield Representatives developed close and lasting relationships with the servicemen and women of the military units they were attached to, often accompanying soldiers into the very front lines of combat - armed with little more then a cup of tea or coffee!

The following tongue-in-cheek account by Private Alexander McConnell of the 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion typifies the warm camaraderie shared between the Salvos and the troops:

"In 1941 I was enjoying the solitude of an outpost on the Tobruk perimeter when i was rudely interrupted by a Salvo bloke asking: 'do you want some paper to write home to your mother, or do you want a PK?' the same thing happened several times in the ensuing months, so I shifted to El Alamein to escape him, but he bobbed again just as cheerful as ever. The only way to dodge him was to go to New Guinea. On the Sattelberg Track, at a place called Jivevanang, my mates and I managed to isolate ourselves for several days. I thought 'At last I'm free', but would you believe me, there he was with his writing paper and PKs and coffee urn."

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