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Articles of War

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Articles of War

A Revolutionary Catechism

By William Booth & Stephen Court

Forward by Jim Knaggs

Articles of War: A Revolutionary Catechism is a powerful blending of theology, ethics, and missional passion of two soul mates, William Booth and Stephen Court. It is the expansion of updating of a doctrinal catechism and strategic plan for the Salvation of the world first put forth by William Booth in 1903. Incredibly straightforward, it brims with practical realism about what it takes actuall to live in the world as a disciple of Jesus. Among the many attractive descriptions of the Christian life is the emphasis on the centrality of love in the character and living of the Christian. Among the uncomfortable facts is the absolite rejection of the cheap forgiveness. The reader doesn't have to agree with every detail of the book's strategy to be affected and mobilized by the authors' call to turn everything ovr to Jesus and His Kingdom.

-Commissioner Phil Needham

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