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Agents In Mission: Simple Steps to Save the World

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The ideas came from a group of 20 children aged 7-14, who attended an elective at the Creative Kids Camp run by The Salvation Army in victor Harbor, South Australia in 2010.
They were given the task of brainstorming ideas and simple actions that would – in their own small way – help to change the world.
The kids were then told that they shouldn’t sit back and wait for someone else to take on the challenge – they could be ’agents in mission’ themselves. On the surface, average Aussie kids going about their daily business but – secretly! – special agents with a mission to save the world!

While the book is written by children, it can be read by anyone. It can be put on coffee tables, left in waiting rooms, used in classroom, or discussed by adults over coffee. The aim is to challenge readers to make a difference.

More so, this book isn’t about just telling people what to do, it also contains links to web sites that provide more information on certain topics or allow readers to link campaigns and projects or sign up as a volunteer for a good cause. 

Read this book and be inspired to change some habits…and change the world.

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