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A Blood and Guts Good News Story - Peter Pearson

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The story of the transforming power of God in the journey of one man whose brutal honesty will connext with anyone who has known adversity and hardship.

From an isolated and sometimes traumatic upbringing in rural Australia to a life time of Officership in the Salvation Army, the story takes you into the reality of personal struggle on the road to victory and usefulness. Transformed lives attest to the power of the good news, while a unique opennes identifies with real life issues for those from the gutter to the boardroom.

In a world of dislocation and fear one finds hop and security. With blood and guts honesty from a survivor of a suicide attempt, the author undresses the realities of temptation within the ministry, again revealing the transforming power of faith in Christ.

A must-read for anyone on the journey to spiritual discovery and maturity.

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