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1929 A Crisis that shaped the Salvation Army's future

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1929 A crisis that shaped the Salvation Army's future.

Written by General John Larsson

'In 1929,' begins the author, 'a constitutional storm that had long been gathering suddenly burst, sweeping from office General Bramwell Booth, the son and successor to William Booth. So traumatic was this event that for many years "1929" - for that is how it was known - was only talked of in hushed tones in Army circles. The telling of what happened was left to those from outside the Army family.'

Now after 80 years the full story of the crisis, with all its astonising twists and turns, is set out by a Salvationist writer. In the drafting of this account, General John Larsson (Retired) has had access to hitherto unpublished material, much of it in the Army's heritage centres around the world.

'What shook the Army also shaped its future,' concludes the author. 'Through those events of long ago the Army was set on a path of reform that continues to this day. 1929 is part of our heritage.

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